Yoga Therapy Program

Yoga Therapy


This is for YOU!

At these one on one sessions we take a holistic view of your issue or concern, whether it’s physical, or a mental health issue or both.Tune in to your desire, focus your efforts, and see how Frances can support you to discover your inner core. The JOY in you.

For Beginners: 

  • Learn yoga safely:
  • Receive the support to learn with confidence
  • Get immediate results and go at your own pace
  • Identify the obstacles in the way of your success
  • Plan 1 action or intention moving forward to instantly give you a lift
  • By Appointment 1 per new student

For advanced Students and Teachers: 

  • Learn advanced techniques to deepen and expand your self awareness.
  • Have the guidance of an experienced yoga therapist to focus your interests and support your practice.
  • Receive guidance on modifying yoga to work with injury, restrictions, or other individual needs for you and your students if you teach..
  • Co-create your personally tailored lesson plan to practice at home.


It is nice to grow together with the same goals and mindset. For a betterment of oneself and so we support each other. Get the chance to join this community after you achieve that deep connection within yourself and your needs in your own pace and way.


Brandy Stratton

“Yoga was something I considered doing after my life became overly stressful and seemingly too much to handle. I looked into group classes but nothing fit my schedule. I really wanted to benefit from taking a class, so I figured the next best thing was to go for a private session with Frances. The time spent with Frances in one hour is more valuable than 12 group classes put together. It’s the beginning of a personal journey, and why not have a personalized experience?


After my second session I knew I would continue to attend private classes with Frances. I could never reach my personal goals in yoga without her continued guidance and support. My 20 minute daily practice has allowed me to clear my head, and prepare me for the day ahead and whatever it may bring. ”