If you were to ask me what the value or the benefit is for me, if I picked one word, it would be a strength. I think there is also a connection to Frances’ values. We have similar values and interests and I like the recommendations that she gives. She’s a wealth of knowledge of certain things, on matters that are relevant and of interest to me, like health and well-being.



I’ve been doing yoga with Frances for two and a half years now, and I’ve really enjoyed the experience. She is able to watch you as you work and to modify all of the moves in order to fit you as an individual. In that way, my body feels so much better for having had these yoga classes and the individualized attention that she gives to us.




I didn’t come expecting anything except yoga. And I found guidance and compassion, and Frances has just been able to open up a whole new way of life for me and has made me feel that I am really important and that I should consider myself to be important!