One Step To Letting Stress Go!

Our bodies tell us when are we stressed out. Taking care of the problem is very easy. If you want your body to get the rest and relaxation it needs to heal, then one small action every day is all it takes to make a transformation. The result is releasing pain so you can live in joy.

Creating a sense of well-being for your body has been passed down in the tradition of yoga, which I learned from my teacher. It was well known by ancient mystics that we are at our best, in our relationships, our work, and our own hearts, when we care for ourselves as though we are sacred. Our lives, our desires, are meant to be fulfilled, and we have the ability to do this easily.

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When I found my teacher, it was pretty bad, I was struggling every day with two small children, no job, and a recent divorce. I didn’t sleep well, I got new cold sores every couple of days, and often didn’t feel like getting out of bed. I was hanging by a thread, and I needed something to just calm me down so I could get through the day. I had a yoga practice, thankfully, but it wasn’t enough until I found Rosemary and she showed me ways to work with my breath to feel better.

Here’s the first step:

Linking Breath to Movement. Take a moment now to sit upright in your chair, making sure you have room to sweep your arms forwards, pointing upwards in a Y shape. Now, bring your hands back to your thighs. Slowly breathe in, sweeping your arms forward and up. Hold both breath and the position for a moment. Exhale, slowly, lowering your arms back to your thighs. Hold the breath and the position a moment, and repeat. Practice this for a minute or so, working on each breath being linked to the movement of the arms. Bonus! step two: Turn your hands’ palms up, and for another minute, without changing it, notice your breath.

In only a couple of minutes, you will have deeply affected your body, telling it to rest and relax. And how does this transform us? This is what your body needs, whatever the stress. And our world is stressful. You may be in pain from the injury, or it could be work-related. Maybe you can’t sleep, or you’ve had anxiety attacks. You’ve lost a loved one, you’re getting divorced. Whatever it is, your body wants to heal, it wants a break to do that, regularly.

Linking movement in a slow rhythm with breath feels good. It feels so good, you just might like to do it every day! That is how you will transform, a few minutes, one day at a time. Perhaps, you would like a teacher, to show you more techniques for slowing the breath and strengthening the spine, so you can survive and thrive. Join us to try a free class to see if it works for you. I look forward to meeting you!

Frances Adamson is a writer and yoga teacher in Oshawa Ontario,
279 Central Park Blvd, N