Creative Art Play

Transform Your Life from Painful to Productive!

If you feel ANY of these things…

*Life is passing you by

*You’ve lost the joy and sparkle you once had

*There isn’t enough time for you, and you’re not quite sure who that is anymore!

When we feel like we aren’t living our purpose or don’t know who we really are, then the joy goes out of life.

Art Play is the answer you’re looking for!

Creativity is something that we are born to whoever we are. The biggest mistake we make is believing that expressing ourselves is just for children or artists. It’s a valuable part of our essence that makes life worth living.

Frances Adamson

The Creative Art Play Workshop

It’s not about creating great art, it’s about:

*Connecting with yourself

*Experiencing mindfulness  

*Creative stress release

By taking some time to let go and express non-verbally we can go deeply inward to find guidance.  Opening doors to explore the questions we want answers for safely.

*Give space to our unconscious to express itself

*Explore our energy state- stress, low energy, boredom or agitation

*Learn to use intuition to guide you

In your Creative Art Play Workshop we will do a short yoga practice and meditation, draw a tarot or oracle card to inspire and guide us, and spend an hour exploring your creativity with color, texture and the tools you have on hand.

Take time and give space to your unconscious to express itself. You will explore your energy state and move through it: identify stress, low energy, boredom or agitation. And let intuition to guide you to move through them and release.

Creative art play workshop is an art classes in Oshawa that will connect you to your inner child and artist so you can enjoy life in the moment and increase your everyday enjoyment and productivity!

All for the low price of $25.

“If you a creative at heart, and don't know when you are going to start living the life you always imagined, then try Art Play right now!”