Conscious Transformation: 12 Remarkable & Inspiring Stories of the Power to Transform Your Life

Conscious transformation is the act of deliberate creation, and as you will find in the stories within this book, it is often the act of deliberate re-creation. Many of us have found ourselves on a path that isn’t working. This is not a failing; it’s a call. It is a call to choose a different path—one that is healthier, more positive, and inspiring to others.

Frances Adamson

In this book, you will hear from 11 women and one man how they answered this call. Their stories chronicle experiences with grief, sickness, toxic relationships, and more, as they offer actionable ways in which they were able to turn their lives around.

Frances Adamson

This book will not only inspire you but also act as a guidebook of what’s truly achievable—no matter how bad things may seem.