Learn the tools to relieve the stress that causes you both physical and mental pain, and to nurture a stable and flexible Joy Core, at the heart of your creativity.

“Wherever you are in body or mind at this time, you can connect to your joy core through breath and discover inner strength and calm.” 

You've started on the path of self-healing today- now meet your compassionate, intuitive, and highly trained yoga therapist.

Hi, I'm Frances

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artist, mother, and yoga teacher

My gift and purpose in life is to create the conditions to experience happiness, calm, and ease, in my body and heart. A big part of finding ease and steadiness comes from teaching and sharing what I’ve learned over my life.


I was lucky to be encouraged creatively as a child, to start learning yoga at a young age, and to have active time outdoors; I see these as three pillars of happiness in life.


Still, if like me, you share this goal to be at ease, you can see that life, being what it is, deals us blows. That, unlike those born enlightened, we mortals must work our way up out of the mud like the lotus to bloom.


It’s taken many years, exploring yoga, art, and intuition, guided by compassionate and experienced teachers, but it’s led me to a deeper understanding of how using the breath and body tunes us into our heart so we can heal and thrive.


Being an artist and intuitive helps me see where you are at the present moment in body and heart, so I can design a practice for you with your comfort and ease in view. Everyone is unique and practicing yoga can and should be done with ease, whether you can touch your toes or not.


Breathing mindfully is at the heart of yoga, and available to anyone who wants to learn how to do it.


Finding blocks and releasing them can become as effortless as pausing in life for a few minutes to observe and shift your breath.


That’s why I created Joy Core Connection and my yoga programs. To share the knowledge I’ve gained over the years, and guide you to find the best ways to reach your goals for living with ease in body and mind.


When I’m not having fun helping students open their body and mind, I’m a wife and mother; cooking, gardening, and making art.




My Credentials

My work is my vocation. I earned two yoga teaching certificates as well as special qualifications for teaching those with arthritis, seniors and children. 


I‘ve studied with the ‘stars’ of yoga, exploring many different styles, before finding my current teacher, Rosemary Antze. It is only with her kind and compassionate guidance that I found my way, so much of what I tried before was ineffective.

Art and Yoga

Being an artist and intuitive has helped me ‘see’ people, inside and out. At the same time creativity and humour makes our learning fun.

Everyone has unique gifts and limitations: learning and practicing yoga, art and/or intuitive modalities can and should be done with ease, whether you’re flexible, experienced, or or not.

Working together, we will find a way to gently get your body moving,   your breath flowing, and the peace of meditation. Finding blocks, releasing them, and breathing mindfully are at the heart of this practice, and available to anyone who wants to learn it.

Join us on our art workshop
Frances doing Yoga in Oshawa

When I’m not having fun helping students open their bodies and minds, I’m taking care of hearth and home as a mother and wife, cooking and gardening. I also love and making art, enjoy long walks with my dog, good books and movies. I’ve also passionately explore holistic health, and brings a wealth of knowledge to help you navigate the many alternatives available for health and wellness.


If you want to experience the power of healing from your heart and connecting to your joy core, you can apply to have a personal exploration session available on a first-come basis.


Learn the tools to relieve the stress that causes you both physical and mental pain, and to nurture a stable and flexible Joy Core, 

at the heart of your creativity. 


Yours, Frances

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