Yoga therapy is for strengthening and stretching safely, improving stress related health conditions, reducing pain and supporting mental health in difficult times. 


The benefits of Yoga Therapy are for the whole person: to learn methods to support your health naturally. Whether you want to recover from injury or illness, Yoga Therapy targets both your condition and your whole being. So you can relax, get the rest you need, and feel well enough to exercise at your own pace safely.

Frances Adamson


Private Yoga Packages

Find balance and recover well-being to pursue the activities and life style you desire

$ 125

One Session (1.5 Hours)


One month for 3 Sessions

$ 799

3 Months for 9 sessions

Private Yoga Therapy Lessons

At these one on one sessions we take a holistic view of your issue or concern, physical and or mental health issue. 

Tune in to your desire, focus your efforts, and see how Frances can support you:
  • Discover how you can bring more joy into your life

For Beginners:

  • Learn the basics of your yoga safely
  • Receive the support you need to build a yoga practice into your life with confidence
  • And get immediate results because you move forward at your own pace
  • Learn how we can tailor your yoga program to fit you because you are one of a kind
  • Identify the obstacles and see how to overcome them
  • Plan 1 action to move forward with that instantly gives you a lift
  • By Appointment  1 per new student

For advanced Students and Teachers:

  • You will learn advanced techniques to deepen and expand your self awareness
  • and have the guidance of an experienced yoga therapist to focus your interests and support your practice
  • Receive guidance on modifying yoga to work with injury, restrictions, or other individual needs for you and your students
Bonus: Your personally tailored lesson plan to practice at home