Kids Start Art Workshop

Online art classes for Kids

School is out for summer, and many kids can’t go out of the house to go to half-day camps or sleep-away camps, parents, more than ever, need a a chance to take a deep breath and be alone for an hour or so.

Three-sessions for $30 or six-sessions for $50

( Ages 8-12 yrs.old)


Kids Start Art Lessons

This online art classes supply kids with a chance to brush up (get it?) on their art skills while stuck at home by using painting, drawing, and crafting skills to create beautiful, fun art. 

  • Flower Painting

Kids will have fun combining colors and creating your own uniquely beautiful flowers.

  • Shapes And Angles

Used color, line, shapes, and angles to create an art.

  • Draw and Paint an Animals

Explore different techniques for drawing and painting a variety of creatures.

With the right tools at your fingertips, connecting with your kids through art and nature has never been easier.