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Woman doing Full Body Yoga Stretch

Benefits of Full Body Yoga Stretch

Woman doing Full Body Yoga Stretch

Yesterday my son walked into the room with confidence. And announced that he was his brain! I explained to him that in fact, he was his brain and his body, and together they form the mind. All kinds of bodily processes or full-body stretch take place without our conscious control or awareness, and when they are working well, we are well. 

Say what?!? 

Yes, we have as many neurotransmitters in our gut as we do in our brain, so although our big fore-brain thinks it’s us, all the cells of our body are in constant communication with each other and our brain, forming our whole being.

If we become stressed, mentally, or physically, then our body communicates this to our cells, and they divert energy to the brain or muscles and away from cellular maintenance. When the stress ends, the body resumes its operations. 

What does stretching out in yoga have to do with our cells, our body, and our brain- which together is us, our mind, our being? 

Under stress, our muscles tense up to prepare for action. But if your stress system stays activated over a long period of time (chronic stress), it can lead to more serious health problems. The constant rush of stress hormones can put a lot of wear and tear on your body, causing it to age more quickly and making it more prone to illness.

During Full Body Yoga Stretch, your brain releases all sorts of chemicals that not only help you relax but also lower your stress and anxiety levels including, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. Each of which functions in its own way to help you calm down and feel better.

Full Body Stretch clearly signals to the cells that all is well.

Slow breathing slows our heart rate and also clearly signals that normal operating activities can start again. It also works best with strengthening, as squeezing a foam stress-release ball demonstrates. And of course, a strong back is a healthy one! 

When you combine this with meditative breathing techniques, you double the impact of the stress release, cutting the time required in half. ½ hour stretching + ½ hour breathing practice = 1hour stress reduction, 2 steps to happy and healthy for the investment of one!

September Special

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The woman is practicing Yoga and Chiropractic care.

What a Perfect Pair: Yoga and Chiropractic Care!

The woman practicing  Therapy of Yoga and Chiropractic Care.

Chiropractic care and yoga have become more and more popular over the last several years. Yoga Practice combined with the care of a competent chiropractor can help promote optimal health and well-being. When done the right way, yoga can reduce blood sugar levels and stress, increase endurance, balance, and flexibility, and strengthen your muscles and joints. Chiropractic care corrects misalignments, promotes better joint mobility, and improves the health of the nervous system, and that’s just the start!

How Does Yoga Therapy work?

It works through yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and guided imagery to improve mental and physical health. The holistic focus of yoga therapy encourages the integration of mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga promotes healing.

Practicing yoga before chiropractic care helps your muscles warm-up and clears your mind. In that case, chiropractors are able to treat your issues as you will already be relaxed upon arrival. In short, yoga helps your body heal. 

Yoga, like chiropractic care, increases mobility and range of motion.

If you are suffering from a specific deep-rooted condition or from a major injury, chiropractic care may require more time to “prep” your body before treating the injury or solving the issue. This can be frustrating for patients who want their problems solved immediately. With that being said, yoga can increase flexibility and range of motion, which saves work for the chiropractor. Both yoga and chiropractic care are beneficial for those suffering from joint, hip, back, or neck pain. The more effort you put in outside of the chiropractor’s office, the more in-depth work we can do during your visit.

Going Hand in Hand: Yoga and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a safe and effective practice when carried out by a skilled practitioner. It involves spinal manipulation to realign the spine in a more optimal way in relation to the rest of the body. 

Yoga therapy, coupled with chiropractic care, can help prevent future injury through increased awareness of spinal alignment, more confident balance, and improved ease of movement—all of which create a holistic program for vibrant health.

Having an awareness about good posture and your body’s overall function will help you live a healthier lifestyle. At Joy Core Connection, we are here to help you on your journey to a healthier and pain-free you! To learn more about how Yoga Practice can help, just contact me!

Frances doing yoga at Tooley's Mill Park

Yoga in the Park on Tooley’s Mill Park!

Yoga in Tooley’s Mill Park!

Joy Core Connection is delighted to announce the most popular outdoor weekly event. Yoga on Tooley’s Mill Park in Courtice kicks off on the 17th of July 2020. 

You feel stress and tension, and you want to stay flexible and work on core strength. This is for beginners to more experienced yogis to enjoy this weekly wellness event in the park. 



July 17,2020

4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

July 24,2020

4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

July 31,2020

4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Aug. 7,2020

4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Join us for Four-Sessions of Yoga in the Park for only $ 85

Just bring along your yoga mat, water, and towel. You can still join on the day if there’s a space left, but we recommend you reserve your place now. We will practice social distancing on the said event to comply with public health. The class will take place in the Gazebo area in Tooley’s Mill Park Courtice.

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Yoga Detox With Essential Oils

Your body is meant to cleanse itself of toxins, and the very best way to support that is with Yoga: we added Essential oils and mineral salts as an added bonus! In this workshop, we will learn simple movement with breath to help the body deeply relax. Taking time out regularly allows our bodies to function well, and do their job of ridding us of waste and toxins, and taking in nutrients and fuel. Our minds are an important part of this equation, as stress contributes to poor digestive and immune systems, and over-worked nerves and hormones.

Add essential oils to this and we engage the oldest sense, and the one most linked to emotion. Pleasant smells relax and soothe, encouraging positive thoughts and helping to release emotional patterns and build new ones. Take home an essential oil-infused bath salt to finish by detoxing through our largest organ, the skin. REGISTER NOW

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Frances Adamson teaches yoga in Durham Region:

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Fall Schedule and Offers

ID-100299169Group Classes

Wednesdays 6 pm and 7:30 pm

Thursdays 10 am and 1 pm

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Is it time to take a break and do something for yourself?

Enjoy one and a half hours of stretching, strengthening and just tuning in

Whether you are new to yoga or a long-time practitioner, the ageless art of yoga gives you the support you need to nurture peace and joy. When you enroll in a group session with Joy Core Connection, you receive personal assistance to gain the most from your experience; to practice yoga with ease and stability so you you are safe from injury: to learn to move and practice from your inner wisdom: and to go ever deeper within to connect to your joyful heart centre.

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