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Do We Need to Accept Everything?

A long time ago one of my yoga teachers told me, “everything in existence is as it should be”. Do We Need to Accept Everything?

And lately, I’ve been seeing this quote everywhere- “Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a field. I will meet you there.” Rumi


As a young adult hearing these ideas, I put them somewhere deep inside to ponder. Why is there suffering? How is this compatible with my values? It is evident that there is much in this world I did not accept. And at the heart of this was me.

If you were to ask me, do you love yourself? I would have to say its complicated. And so, re-reading the little book on Creating Affluence, by Deepak Chopra, when I came upon his declaration that his purpose was to heal and to make people happy, a great ‘AHA!’ shouted out inside of me. I have been putting the cart before the horse- the first heal then spread joy. Just a matter of priorities, and it is everything.

How to reconcile my own suffering? Family dramas, the roles we each take on. I was the rebel, the black sheep in my family. I readily embraced this as my only means of attention. My pain was simply the continuation of suffering handed down by generations and it did not bear examination.

I could not accept it. I could not accept in so many ways.

Long ago that seed was planted- ‘everything in existence is as it should be’ by my yoga teacher. For so many years I gave myself radical love in the form of yoga, as taught to me by my teachers: go to your mat; breath and stretch; soothe and nurture yourself. I had no idea the power of it. I only knew that it felt good.

I’m a yogi because I identify as one- it made me special, way back in the seventies and eighties, I was unusual. It was something I did that helped my health, gave me a place in the world because although I loved all the arts, visual, written, acting, I was not encouraged. These were impractical pursuits, but they were my passion, and so I suffered, to my very core.
And it is in that field beyond right and wrong that I begin to find myself and accept.

As we allow all feelings, all our experiences and responses to be accepted, then we step into the great cycle of nature- which is healing us, providing opportunities to grow, and fulfilling a great purpose just beyond our understanding.

Your thoughts on this?

With love,

Frances Adamson is a certified Yoga Therapist, and an art and intuition coach in Durham Area Ontario.

Serving Oshawa, Whitby, Bowmanville, and Clarington.

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What’s Your Core Belief?

Are we all alone- or are we all in this together?

Imagine my surprise, when my friend Joan told me with complete certainty that we can only really rely on ourselves, that we are alone. I instantly countered,  “Oh no, we are all in this together!”

What do you think, was I right? I’ve been thinking about it, and it goes something like this- if you really believe that we are all in it together, why do you have issues of abandonment? Maybe because you believe it, but are afraid of not belonging: wishing and trying hard to be a part of the togetherness but feeling like you’re on the outside. So maybe I’m not so sure.

But if you say, well, I’ve been let down, obviously, I can only rely on myself. Now you don’t feel abandoned because you won’t put yourself in that position.

If you believe that, you take care of yourself first, and save up resources to ensure your safe and comfortable. You invest your energy primarily in people and activities that are the most important to your own security and happiness. When crisis’ happens you’ve prepared for that day. Or if someone else has a crisis, you decide to help based on the risks and rewards of doing that.

On the other hand, if we are all in this together, you feel free to jump in and help or interfere with almost any situation. You may become spread too thin or stressed out because you try to make everyone happy all the time, despite all the evidence against this being possible. If a crisis’ happens, you’re there, if it happens to you, you expect help from your peeps.

The idea that each good deed can be counted up and balanced out directly back to us is another common. Relationships are gained and lost as we mentally add up whether or not so and so has paid back our investments. You cannot expect much, in the end, with these calculations, and it just reinforces the belief that we are all alone or else abandoned.

It’s complicated, but I think the ultimate truth is that we find our way together. If you have ever hit rock bottom, you know that helping hands come from unexpected places. Your world crumbles as you reach for supports that you thought were there, and you’re caught by surprise at the kindness and support of someone you barely knew.

Does this grace come to us all regardless of whether or not we believe we’re alone or in it together? One thing is clear to me, feeling alone and abandoned sucks. Being able to see past the beliefs that keep me feeling that way- that is my goal. You can do this by getting to know yourself through the practice of yoga.

What do you think? Which world view do you hold- alone? together? Please comment, because I would love to hear from you!

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In Joy,


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Family Yoga in the Garden

You’re invited to join us for a free yoga class in the garden!

We Grow Food is a local Oshawa charity which- you guessed it- grows food. They have developed 5 gardens throughout the city, which are free for everyone to participate in.

The South Patch, 863 Glen Street, at Cordova, will have free programming all summer at 10 am on Tuesdays and Alexandra’s Bounty, 364 Simcoe Street North, (near the hospital) will have programs on Wednesdays.

Joy Core Connection will host a Family Yoga Class from 10 am to 11, with fun gardening activities to follow on July 11 and 12, August 8 and 9, 22, and 23.

We hope you will join us for a morning of yoga and gardening.

These classes are on the schedule here

Frances Adamson teaches yoga in Durham Region:
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Yoga Detox With Essential Oils

Your body is meant to cleanse itself of toxins, and the very best way to support that is with Yoga: we added Essential oils and mineral salts as an added bonus! In this workshop, we will learn simple movement with breath to help the body deeply relax. Taking time out regularly allows our bodies to function well, and do their job of ridding us of waste and toxins, and taking in nutrients and fuel. Our minds are an important part of this equation, as stress contributes to poor digestive and immune systems, and over-worked nerves and hormones.

Add essential oils to this and we engage the oldest sense, and the one most linked to emotion. Pleasant smells relax and soothe, encouraging positive thoughts and helping to release emotional patterns and build new ones. Take home an essential oil-infused bath salt to finish by detoxing through our largest organ, the skin. REGISTER NOW

Frances Adamson teaches yoga in Durham Region:
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One Step To Letting Stress Go!

Our bodies tell us when are we stressed out. Taking care of the problem is very easy. If you want your body to get the rest and relaxation it needs to heal, then one small action every day is all it takes to make a transformation. The result is releasing pain so you can live in joy.

Creating a sense of well-being for your body has been passed down in the tradition of yoga, which I learned from my teacher. It was well known by ancient mystics that we are at our best, in our relationships, our work, and our own hearts, when we care for ourselves as though we are sacred. Our lives, our desires, are meant to be fulfilled, and we have the ability to do this easily.

(I want to show you how, so Try a Free Class)

When I found my teacher, it was pretty bad, I was struggling every day with two small children, no job, and a recent divorce. I didn’t sleep well, I got new cold sores every couple of days, and often didn’t feel like getting out of bed. I was hanging by a thread, and I needed something to just calm me down so I could get through the day. I had a yoga practice, thankfully, but it wasn’t enough until I found Rosemary and she showed me ways to work with my breath to feel better.

Here’s the first step:

Linking Breath to Movement. Take a moment now to sit upright in your chair, making sure you have room to sweep your arms forwards, pointing upwards in a Y shape. Now, bring your hands back to your thighs. Slowly breathe in, sweeping your arms forward and up. Hold both breath and the position for a moment. Exhale, slowly, lowering your arms back to your thighs. Hold the breath and the position a moment, and repeat. Practice this for a minute or so, working on each breath being linked to the movement of the arms. Bonus! step two: Turn your hands’ palms up, and for another minute, without changing it, notice your breath.

In only a couple of minutes, you will have deeply affected your body, telling it to rest and relax. And how does this transform us? This is what your body needs, whatever the stress. And our world is stressful. You may be in pain from the injury, or it could be work-related. Maybe you can’t sleep, or you’ve had anxiety attacks. You’ve lost a loved one, you’re getting divorced. Whatever it is, your body wants to heal, it wants a break to do that, regularly.

Linking movement in a slow rhythm with breath feels good. It feels so good, you just might like to do it every day! That is how you will transform, a few minutes, one day at a time. Perhaps, you would like a teacher, to show you more techniques for slowing the breath and strengthening the spine, so you can survive and thrive. Join us to try a free class to see if it works for you. I look forward to meeting you!

Frances Adamson is a writer and yoga teacher in Oshawa Ontario,
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How Two Minutes A Day Changed My Life Forever

When I started doing Yoga, I only practiced for a few minutes a day. Now I regularly practice 30 minutes to an hour every day with ease.

Learn More at a Complimentary Class

One of the problems I have, and that I see in my students, is the difficulty of staying with a new habit. We want to make good habits, but we don’t know-how. Most of the time, the goal seems so momentous, we can’t even start. Even if we can get up the initial burst to start something new, we quickly fizzle out. We miss one class, forget to practice, and then just give up.

You might have back pain or a stiff neck for instance. Probably, a physiotherapist or chiropractor has examined you and given you exercises to do. Do you do them? Most people don’t. Why do we fail at this? The pain comes and goes perhaps, you know you should do these exercises regularly to strengthen your spine (or knee or shoulder, etc.) but you don’t unless you are in pain (and then it’s too late, again).

When I started researching habits to try to help my students practice at home (James Clear was the biggest help) I found out that it’s not your motivation or desire, we don’t need a will of steel: all you need to do is commit to doing one yoga sequence once a day for 2 minutes. Our ability to successfully does this is improved by:

• Commit to 2 minutes only
• Do it in the morning
• Link it to another habit like brushing your teeth
• Never miss two days in a row
• Have reminders, like a mat or cushion in your yoga spot

Looking back on my success in building a daily habit, all these things were in place. My teachers had all suggested at least one of them. I had sinus issues, depression, and a lack of clarity in my life, and step by step, with daily practice and the help of my teachers, I manage these problems successfully, and as a result, feel much happier and healthier.

You can too. Please contact me to book a free private consultation or group lesson to find out how yoga can help you to reduce or eliminate pain, both physical and emotional, and help you live your most joyous life!

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The Secret Life of Water

“The water flowing within us is part of the water flowing through nature and part of the rhythm of life being played out throughout the universe”

Book Review: The Secret Life of Water by Masuru Emoto

I love it. If you believe, as modern physicists tell us, that matter and energy are the same stuff (see E = MC 2) then you might like to discover what Masuru Emoto is experimenting with.

This book is a description of the techniques used to create ice crystals from water and photograph them. The samples come from water that is, for example, polluted, been prayed for, or come from a pure mountain stream.

The purpose of this is to determine if our thoughts can affect water. Do our thoughts have energy? How could they not? These are profound ideas. Ancient healing practices and modern alternatives and compliments to allopathic medicine make use of the effect thoughts have on our bodies and mind.

This book is simple and clearly outlines the steps he and his associates took to get the photographs. It includes these photos and an explanation of how he chose them to represent each case study.

It is full of thought gems: ” If you have been offended, forgive the offender. And if you feel oppressed for your own offenses against others, forgive yourself. Forgiveness opens up the path for you to naturally and freely flow toward your future.” (Like water)

Some of these observations are very new to me. Consider this, that life is not possible on earth without water, and that we humans are 70% water, and our brains are more like 80% water. Emoto’s remarkable observation: “Human beings are essentially crystals formed upon this earth. and that is why we have the responsibility to protect the earth by protecting our water”.


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The Invitation: Surviving and Thriving

Book Review: The Invitation by Oriah

This book is built around a poem. Oriah calls it a declaration, a manifesto, and it was written at a time of personal tragedy when everything she believed was tested. When your life goes up in flames, do you arise like a Pheonix from the ashes? Oriah’s survival and her growth and transformation are supported by the spiritual teachings of the Twisted Hair Nation: an inclusive group that shares ancient shamanistic teachings.

Each chapter almost stands alone: The Longing, The Fear, The Sorrow… they are very poetic and succinct musing and insights. The tragedy weaves throughout, and this is no sugar-coated examination of our worldview and darkest places. Bad things can happen, even to good and positive thinking people, and Oriah delves deep and acknowledges the darkness to set herself free.

In a time when new age spirituality can be as automatically trite as any religion we have cast aside, it is moving and honest and, in offering us an examined life, invites us to examine our own….”It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow if you have been opened up by life’s betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain”

The Invitation, by Oriah. Harper Collins 2006

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