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Joy Core Connection

Do you find that no matter how successful you are, no matter how much you get, no matter what you do, you’re not really experiencing joy?

Relax your mind and body- find your Joy!

 Does it feel like you are always doing things to find joy later… some day down the road? Like ‘when I have the time for myself’ or ‘when I have the energy’ or ‘when this situation is finally over’… Sound familiar?

Joy Core Connection offers life coaching through Yoga, Art, and Intuitive Services Online, located in  Ontario, Canada. 



Guiding you to heal and thrive with compassion and intuition.

The thing is, you already know somewhere inside of you that joy is now, not in the future. But you just don’t know how to access it or even notice that it’s already here.

If you want to experience joy no matter what, you need to develop your Joy Core.

In yoga we talk about developing your core strength, and joy is a kind of strength you want to build at the core. That’s what Joy Core Practice is all about, and I want to invite you to experience it now, as my gift.

Hi, I’m Frances, first I want to share a little story about myself. It’s not like I was born joyful. In fact, my early childhood didn’t promote much joy at all. Without going in to the trauma just let me say I didn’t receive a foundation for happiness.

How do you feel good about yourself when you’ve internalized that if anything goes wrong it’s because you’re bad? That’s what I was dealing with, and what ultimately led me to a life of practicing and teaching the many facets of Yoga. You can read my whole story here. The reason I wanted to share that is that I know from personal experience and years of practice that experiencing joy at the core requires daily practice. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time (my Start Up Meditation below takes only 10 minutes) but the consistency will help you strengthen the joy you already have (even if you can’t see it right now.)

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Believe you can change whatever you want, solve anything! When we invest in ourselves and learn techniques that help us reach inside for our purpose, our joy- ourself- there is an immediate reward. So if you want to learn to find out what makes you unique and how to map your very individual path to the life you really want- and are willing to invest in yourself to plant those seeds, then book a Discovery Session with me,
Frances is the owner of Joy Core Connection.
Frances Adamson
Joy Core Coach