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Joy Core Connection

Lift your spirit. Build your body.

Relax your mind.

Joy Core Connection offers Yoga, Art, and Intuitive Services located in Courtice and near in Oshawa, Ontario. If you’re sensitive, emphatic, or creative- and in pain, this is for you to find wellness, freedom, and purpose to live with joy.


Guiding you to practice and go deeper with compassion and intuition.

Hi, I’m Frances, and I’ve spent a lifetime exploring yoga, art, and intuitive techniques to learn how to heal and thrive. Because of this I can guide you to learn and practice these tools to move through your life with more ease and steadiness. I go beyond how to strengthen and stretch the body, and teach practical methods to connect deeply to a place you know is inside you, a place of stillness, of home- the source of your creativity. My work is my vocation. I earned two yoga teaching certificates as well as special qualifications for teaching those with arthritis, seniors and children.


Believe you can change whatever you want, solve anything! When we invest in ourselves and learn techniques that help us reach inside for our purpose, our joy- ourself- there is an immediate reward. So if you want to learn to find out what makes you unique and how to map your very individual path to the life you really want- and are willing to invest in yourself to plant those seeds, then book a Discovery Session with me,
Frances is the owner of Joy Core Connection.
Frances Adamson
Joy Core Coach